The New Skinny Coastal Shaft | Concept2

The New Skinny Coastal Shaft

Coastal rowing is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more rowers seek the challenge and excitement that rowing on the ocean brings. For a number of years we have known that the coastal disciplines recognized by World Rowing (Beach Sprints and Coastal Endurance) involve activities such as beach landings, buoy turns, boat clashes, and surf capsizes that can result in equipment damage.

In response to this, the Concept2 Oar Team prioritized the development of a Skinny shaft with a significant improvement in durability and minimal impact on weight. Following the evaluation of multiple designs over the course of the summer, we performed a highly successful, large-scale trial of the redesigned shaft at the World Rowing Coastal Championships and Beach Sprint Finals (Wales, October 2022).

For coastal rowing, oars need to be both durable and agile; the lightweight Comp blade reduces the effect of the slightly heavier Coastal shaft, resulting in a swing weight that is still less than a standard Skinny shaft and Smoothie2 blade. The Comp blade has also proven to be an excellent choice for coastal rowing as the small, deep blade shape is well suited to the short, inconsistent strokes and varying boat speeds often encountered.

The Skinny Coastal Shaft is available to purchase at the same price as the standard Skinny shaft and is available now as a scull only option. The new shaft can be paired with any existing Concept2 blade type and can be configured as either soft or medium flex to fit your requirements.