Concept2 Utility

The Concept2 Utility is free software available from Concept2 that allows you to update the firmware in your Performance Monitor, upload your workouts to your Concept2 Online Logbook, and manage the data on your LogCard or USB flash drive.

Concept2 Utility Requirements

To use the Concept2 Utility you need to have:

  • An internet connection for uploading workouts to the Online Logbook or for downloading new versions of firmware.
  • A PM5 monitor with workouts in memory or a USB flash drive or LogCard with data on it. If using a LogCard, we recommend using a PM3 or PM4 as the card reader.
  • A USB port and appropriate USB A-B or USB B-C cable if you are connecting a PM3, PM4, or PM5 to your computer. If you are transferring results and updating Firmware on a PM5 using a USB flash drive, you do not need the cable.

The Concept2 Utility is Windows and Mac compatible. Refer to the system requirements below.

Windows System Requirements

Windows 7 or newer

  • Laptops and tablets with very high resolution screens such as Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface 3 and Surface 4 which run Windows 8 or Windows 10 should work with the Utility. However, the screen DPI setting may need to be adjusted for optimal experience.
  • Concept2 recommends downloading with Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. Users have reported issues with downloading and installing when using Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is your only option, you may need to rename the downloaded file to "Concept2UtilitySetup.exe" before it can be installed.

Macintosh System Requirements

OS X 10.10 or newer

Concept2 Utility 7.09.00

.exe format
.dmg format

Attention Mac users: The latest release of the Concept2 Utility for macOS is 7.09.7 and is compatible with macOS Catalina. If you are running OS X El Capitan version 10.11 or older, please download 7.09.2.