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Model D Indoor Rower

Model D Indoor Rower

Attention: If you purchased your Model D Indoor Rower between August 1, 2006 and April 19, 2007, please read this important information about your indoor rower.

Effective April 2021, the Model D was renamed "RowErg." Support information for the Model D applies to the RowErg. Please see the RowErg Support pages for more information.

Black Model D

Black Model D Indoor Rower

Model D Updated in August 2006

Grey and Light Blue Model D Indoor Rower
August 2006–Late July 2012

Original Model D

Blue and Light Blue Model D Indoor Rower
July 2003–August 2006

Manufacture Dates

July 2003–April 2021

Updated in August 2006 with the following features:

  • Modified monorail artwork
  • Redesigned foot stretchers
  • Updated frame lock mechanism

Main Characteristics

  • Colour:
    • Light grey (shown at left, late July 2012–January 2021) or black
      (late July 2012–April 2021)
    • Grey and light blue
      (August 2006–late July 2012)
    • Blue and light blue
      (July 2003–August 2006)
  • Handle: Ergonomic handle featuring a 10 degree bend
  • Flywheel Housing: Damper setting numbers molded into the flywheel cover

Serial Number Location

Prior to October 17, 2005

The label is located between the V of the flywheel support legs, on the bottom side of the rower. The serial number represents the date the rower was boxed (mm/dd/yy). An example Model D serial number from this time frame is 082205/1.

October 17, 2005 to Present

Located between the V of the flywheel support legs, the label is located on the left side of the flywheel housing. See illustration. When asked for the serial number of your indoor rower, this is the number to use.

October 17, 2005–May 23, 2018

The serial number contains three groups of numbers separated by dashes. The first group of numbers represents the date the unit was boxed, the second group represents the Concept2 part number, and the third group represents the monitor serial number.

May 24, 2018–April 2021

The digits following "Serial Number:" represent the serial number for the machine and the monitor. Date of boxing and the Concept2 part number are also present on the label.