Ordering and Shipping | Concept2

Ordering and Shipping

Concept2 oars are built-to-order and are ordered direct from Concept2 in the US.

To order:

  1. Choose your components. We recommend making your selections in the following order:
    1. Blade
    2. Shaft
    3. Oar length
    4. Handle
    5. Grip (sweep or scull)
  2. Use the ordering guide to make note of your selections.
  3. Complete your ordering guide and email it to Terry Laskey at terryl@concept2.com or call Terry on 091 802 888 6333, extension 3022.
  4. After you have placed your order, we will email you a copy of the order so that you can confirm the specifications. Review the order carefully and then confirm your specifications by email or phone. We do not schedule your oars to be built until we have received your confirmation. Confirm your specifications promptly to avoid delays with your order.

Sculls (pair)

Oar Price
Bantam Sculls * $350
Ultralight * $560
Low i * $580
Skinny Extra Soft * $660
Skinny Soft * $680
Skinny Medium * $700

Sweeps (single)

Oar Price
Ultralight * $360
Skinny Extra Soft * $440
Skinny Soft * $450
Skinny Medium * $460