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World Rowing Indoor Championships

The World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH) are the official world championships of indoor rowing. The event visits a new iconic city each year, showcasing a truly international discipline, and the best rowers from all corners of the globe.

The 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2, will take place on February 23–24, 2024, in Prague, Czechia. Uniquely, the 2024 European Rowing Indoor Rowing Championship will be included within the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championship, further bringing together the indoor rowing family.

The 2024 Championships will also see the return of the Versa Challenge, after the inaugural event in Toronto last year. Ten qualifiers and two wildcards in men's and women's categories will race across a series of events that will test a wide range of skills in new and unfamiliar race formats.

The worldwide search is on to find athletes from any sport to race against rowing’s best. Public qualifications for the Versa Challenge are open via the Concept2 Logbook and the ErgData app.

Athletes can enter the Versa Challenge or the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2, by visiting the World Rowing website at