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How To Use Your PM4

LogCard Overview

The LogCard is a smart card that is used with your Performance Monitor to save your workout data. We included a LogCard with every new purchase of an indoor rower, SkiErg, or PM retrofit kit that included the PM3 or PM4.

Although using a LogCard is not required, it’s a handy way to store and manage your workout data. With a LogCard, you can use the free Concept2 Utility software to upload your workouts to your online logbook as well as transfer your workout information to a spreadsheet on your computer.

To properly insert the LogCard in the PM, the chip should be facing up and the arrow pointing into the LogCard slot on the PM. The first time you insert a LogCard into the PM, the PM formats the card for use. Do not remove the card while this is in-progress.

Each LogCard stores approximately 300 workouts. This capacity varies depending on the complexity of the workout. Interval workouts, for example, require more space than set distance or time workouts.