Note: e-Row 4.1 is recommended for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and for Venue Racing with a PM2+.

If you have an existing version of e-Row, we recommend doing the following before installing a new version:

  1. Creating a copy of workout and race definitions and result files. They are located in the subfolders at C:\Program Files\ConceptII\e-Row.
  2. Uninstalling any existing version of e-Row (use the standard Windows “Add/Remove Programs” icon). During uninstall, if you are prompted to delete the files custer.sys and/or EPMCOMM.vxd, select Yes to delete them. These are drivers related to e-Row v3.1.

e-Row Version 4.1 Build 115

To download e-Row v4.1 to use with your PM2+, click Download at right. You will then be able to download the software right away, or save it to your hard drive for installation at a later time.

Version 4.1 contains the following changes:

  • In a venue race, the PM2+s are programmed with the race time or distance. On very rare occasions a PM2+ will not take the information and will remain in Just Row mode. While idling at the Stop sign just before a race, e-Row will check the PM2+s for proper programming. If one or more units did not program properly, a warning will be displayed. If this happens, back out to the main e-Row screen and restart the race.
  • In Version 4.0 of e-Row, a different driver was installed for Win 95, 98, Me (a "VXD" driver) than was installed for Windows NT/2000/XP (a "UMD" driver). The VXD driver performed well, but the UMD driver for NT class operating systems did not perform well in multi-boat applications. In this case "perform" is defined as how smoothly the boats move, which is determined by how many times per second e-Row can obtain information from all the PM2+s. Version 4.1 installs a new User Mode Driver for all OS’s and significantly improves multi-boat (venue race) performance. For Venue Races, NT/2000/XP performance is good; however, the driver still performs better on 95/98/Me. Concept2 still recommends Windows 95/98 for Venue Races.

e-Row 4.1 Build 115

.exe format
2 MB
.zip format
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