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Adaptive Skiing

The Concept2 SkiErg offers accessible exercise without the need for special adaptations. It is easily used by those with lower body limitation or injuries and delivers quality cardiovascular training. The long drive cords enable the SkiErg to be used from a seated position, working your core and upper body, whether from a stool, chair or other seat.

With some simple adaptations, it can accommodate an even broader range of accessibility needs.

Wall Mount

The SkiErg can be mounted on a wall to provide the most compact option. Wall mounting also allows the greatest flexibility for setting up seating like a stool, higher seat, or rolling up a wheelchair.

Floor Stand

The optional floor stand, with its anti-skid deck and caster wheels, makes the SkiErg instantly mobile, adding flexibility on location. Place a stool right on the floor stand or use with most wheelchairs. Available in standard and wide. Learn more

Handle Hooks

The Handle Hooks (compatible with the SkiErg 2, which is the black SkiErg manufactured from August 2014–present) attach to both sides of the SkiErg near the monitor and hold the SkiErg handles in place lower on the machine. This places the handles within reach for people using the SkiErg from a wheelchair or seated position.

Adaptive Program, CrossFit Fort Smith, Fort Smith, AR.
Kaci Handlery photo.

SkiErg wall mount

SkiErg 2 Handle Hooks
Handle Hooks for the SkiErg 2 (the black SkiErg manufactured from Aug 2014–present)